Friday, July 8, 2011


I Love Michael Jackson Since I Was 4 Year's Old And When He Died It Felt Like A Piece Of My Childhood Was Gone! R.I.P Mj 1958-2009

Alot Of People Don't Know This BUT.....

I AM A HUGE BEYONCE STAN! Like It Got To The Point Where No one Around Me Can Talk Bad About Her AT ALL!!!!! And If They Do I Would Get So ANGRY To The Point I Can See Myself Doing Bodily Harm To Someone! (It's Just That Serious). I Been A Beyonce Fan Since 1997 When Destiny's Child Came Out! (I Was Born 1996....You Do The Math!!!) Became A STAN (Meaning  I Stand For Anything That Have To Do With Beyonce!) When Dangerously In Love Came Out And From Then On I Haven't Looked Back Since!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lord Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday iWas So Nervous!!! iWas Because We Had To Do Presentation In Mrs.Totten Class And I Am Really Shy.....SO ALL DAY I WAS THINKING ABOUT ALL THE NEGATIVE STUFF THAT COULD HAPPEN TO ME Lol! "What If I Fall On My Up There!""What If They Laugh At Me!""What If She Didn't Like My Presentation?" But When I Got Up There None Of That Happened(THANK GOD!) And iGot A 90% On It! YAY!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Which Road Do I Take?

The Road That I Have Been Travel Has Been Cold And Slippery;; I Had Fell And Got Back Up Again;; I Keep On Pushing And Pushing And I Thought Nothing Would Work But Little Did I Know The Road I Been Traveling Alot Of People Have Not Made It Through But Here I Am....I Can See The Light!♥

My Def Jam Poetry Video Part 2

I LOVE THIS VIDEO;;I Knew I Would Like Because I Love Jill Scott But What She Is Saying In Her Poetry Is True And It Really Explain My Life

My Def Jam Poetry Video Part 1

*This Video Contain Profanity* The Reason Why iLike This Video Is Because She Is Really Talking About Herself And How People View Artist In The Music Industry!

The Middle Sister♥

This Book Caught My Eye The Moment I Saw It! The Reason Why I Pick This Book Is Because When I Saw The Picture It Look's Like Something I Can Relate To!